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Updated January 1, 2012

This is our site where you can get to know me and my Belgian Sheepdog, Groenendael, Czarina. We compete in obedience, and the goal is for her to one day become a Norwegian Obedience Champion. Every now and then, we pop by the show ring too, and we do tracking just for fun.

This website is dedicated to my previous Groenendael, Sari. You can read more about her under “Dogs”. Sari and Rina are both from Finland, and I would really like to thank Carola at Kennel Donatrix and Hanna at Kennel Tendance for breeding these two wonderful dogs. Thank you so, so much.

I hope you enjoy your stay here. And we appreciate every paw print you leave in our guestbook, so don’t be shy :) Please do not borrow any material from my site without getting my permission first.

Best regards,
Therese & Czarina

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January 1st: Happy New Year! Some updates: Rina has passed the Norwegian Function Analysis test (FA-test)! Her sisters, Tendance Bisou and Tendance Badiane, have both passed the Finnish character test with 138 (Bisou) and 172 (Badiane) points! Badiane has also gotten a new title: JK1, which is a Finnish tracking title. Congratulations!!! Such good girls. Saris' sister, and Rina's half-sister, Donatrix Wolfenne, became BOB with Cacib at the Finnish Winner show. So she got the Finnish Winner title for 2011!!! We are so proud! More updates for the new year are coming, so stay tuned :)

June 4th: Updates all around the site. Tendance Bisou has free hips and elbows (A/A). You can finr some pictures from our debut in Obedience Class 3 in blogg2.

January 3rd: Added the plans for the new year!

December 19th: Added an album for Christmas Cards and Congratulations we've received :) Thank you so much!

September 5th: Happy birthday, my dear Rina <3 And happy birthday to all the other B-girls. Thank you Hanna for this wonderful dog! <3 Updated health results on the page about Czarina's sisters.

August 28: Rina achieved avancement to obedience class 3! :D

August 9: Updated plans and new video added.

12. juni: Rina's done the Norwegian mentalitytest, MH today. Obedience video from Wednesday's competition can be viewed here.

May 24: Updated results in obedience and show from specialty show in Hemsedal.

May 5: Tendance Bisou 'Pusu' has done a mentality test (MH)! You can find the link to the google-translated MH here.

April 26: Tendance Badiane "Tara" and Marjo got 1st prize and 2nd place in beginner's class in Finland yesterday! Congratulations!

April 25: The critique from yesterday's show can be found under show results.

April 24: Czarina got CAC and BOB in today's show!!! :D

April 12: Rina's sister, Tendance Badiane, made her debut in obedience class 1 today (unofficial), and got 193 out of 200 points!!! Congratulations Marjo and Tara!

April 11: Rina made her debut in obedience class 1 today, got 1st prize, 3rd place and achieved advancement to class 2. Several pages about Rina and plans are updated.

April 6: The website is almost done. Plans updated, Rina's attending a mentality test in June.

April 3rd: I've started making an English version of the new website.

March 7th: Rina got Very Good from todays show. Her results page is updated.

March 5th: Rina is now 18 months. Plans are updated.

January 22nd: And, at last, the elbow results came in. Czarina is officially healthy, her elbows got a very pretty A <3

January 15th: We finally got the results from Rinas hips x-rays. She got a B, and her hips are declared healthy :)

January 11th: Czarina's sister, Tendance Belle de Nuit, got Exc1, and res. Cacib today :) And sister, JWW-09 Tendance Bisou got very good :)

January 5st: Czarinas got her health checks today, we have to wait a while for the results of the hips and elbows x-rays, but her EYES ARE CLEAR!!! :D *Happy*

January 1st: Happy New Year!!! I've started updating the website for the new year. It should be done in a couple of days