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Updated October 11, 2010

Date Place Judge ResultCritique
22. May, 2010 NBFK Laura Vassallo UK 20 months, compl. sc. bite, med sized y bitch, light bone and constr. Presented v. thin. Med. head, flat skull, corr. stop, pinched muzzle, lacking of chiselling, longish ear, dark eyes sl. round. Med. neck, topl. sh be stronger, slop. croup. Flat ribs, narrow in forechest, med. ang. rear, min. in front. Tail gay, out of elbow, crosses in front. Vg pres (tror det skal være temperament, da dommer sa det), nice presentation.
23. May, 2010 NBFK avd Hordaland Firmin Aertgeerts 2UK 20 months, complete scissor bite. Medium size female. Little & pinchy in the head. Good paralell planes. Good stop. Eyes could be more almond shaped. A little zygomatice around the eyes. Ears a little low set. Good back with sloopy croup. A little flat in chest. Good angulations & bonestruckture. Good coat texture, but totally out of condition. Good presentation & temper. Good movement, but close front & rear.
April 24, 2010Førde Brukshundklubb Salijevic, Zorica, Sverige 1UK, 1UKK, CQ, CAC and BOB Strong and muscular, typical head, strong neck, strong topline and underline, good angulation, good pigmentation and coat quality. Excellent.
March 7, 2010Nordhordland Hundeklubb Jeff Luscott 2UKEasy moving youngster. Narrow all through at this stage. Needs to fill in chest and body. Moves close in the front, but good in the rear. Ok in topline. Good head and earset. Good bite and muzzle length.
17. Mai, 2009 Valley Center, CA, USA Dr. Lee Anthony Reasin Vinner av Puppy Class (6-9 months)N/A
16. Mai, 2009 Valley Center, CA, USA Mr. Robert J. Shreve Vinner av Puppy Class (6-9 months)N/A
3. Mai, 2009 Pomona, CA, USA Mr. Thomas A. Kilcullen Vinner av Puppy Class (6-9 months) & Winners BitchN/A
26. April, 2009 Chino, CA, USA Mrs. Monica Canestrini Vinner av Puppy Class (6-9 months) & Winners BitchN/A
15. Mars, 2009 Del Mar, CA, USA Mr. Robert Stein Vinner av Puppyclass (6-9months)N/A
14. Mars, 2009 Del Mar, CA, USA Mrs. Lesley E. Hiltz Vinner av Puppyclass (6-9months)N/A