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Updated April 4, 2010

NKK Bjerke, 2006

When: Norsk Kennel Klubb, Bjerke,
13. August, 2006
Sari's Age: 10 months
Judge: Neil Key (Sør-Afrika)
Result: 1JK, 1JKK, HP, 4VK, 5BTK, CK

Nesbyen, 2006

When: Irsk Ulvehundklubb Norge,
Nesbyen, 5. August, 2006
Sari's Age: ca 10 months
Judge: Hermann Burk (Tyskland)
Result: 1JK, 1JKK, HP, 1VK,
BTK, Cert, BIR

First Puppy Show

When: Nordhordland Hundeklubb, 12. Mars, 2006
Sari's Age 5 months
Judge: Soile Bister (Finland)
Result: BIR
Critique:Feminin bitch with good proportions. Could have more stylish overline(?).
Would like to see a bit more (kr?) muzzle. Well placed, but pretty big ears.
A bit straight in the front and (sluttande kors). Well angled back legs. Moves ok. Promising fur.
Need training. Very promising.